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We come up with another country and studio review – this time from China!

Our Dragonfly Team has been to a China trip for a couple of days. We have visited both Chinese Bikram Yoga studios (Bikram Yoga Shanghai and Bikram Yoga Beijing). Also we made a few pictures for you guys on typical Chinese hot spots – get ready for some adventure! ;-)

Bikram Yoga Shanghai

Shanghai is a beautiful new and clean city of various types of architecture styles. The Bund, buildings from the early 20th of the last century on one riverbank of the Huangpu River and The Pudong New Area offering glimpse to the future on the other riverside.The French Concession area famous for its European-like buildings and atmosphere is a home of Bikram Yoga Shanghai. The studio is located just on the main street of Jing An district on Jiang Ning Road but a bit “behind the corner” which offers nice and calm environment perfect for Bikram Yoga.The studio owner Yun Ji is a very friendly young woman. She opened the studio about 2 years ago and is now doing very good. We have met there her teacher Jeremy Stephens. The studio atmosphere, chill out area and facilities felt very comfy. The class was in English with a bit of Chinese – which we appreciated! :-) We recommend this studio to anybody passing through or visiting Shanghai!



Bikram Yoga Shanghai



Bikram Yoga Beijing

Beijing is an old city with traditional Chinese buildings and architecture looking all the way back to the past - the city’s history dates back three millennia. You can find there typical Chinese temples but also super-modern buildings. Beijing has been the political center of the country for much of the past seven centuries. Definitely one of the must-see places in China for better understanding of the whole country.Xinag Li is a studio owner of Bikram Yoga Beijing. We didn’t get chance to meet her personally but she was very helpful by e-mail so when we finally made it to the studio her staff had already known about us coming. Even though in China they don’t speak English in general, we understood each other very well – maybe that’s the Bikram language! :-) The studio was very beautiful and the class was in Chinese! The teacher was really into yoga and even if we didn’t understand any word we understood the whole thing perfectly! :-) Also we would recommend this studio located in Enji green garden of Beijing.



Bikram Yoga Beijing



“He who has not climbed the Great Wall is not a true man”, said Mao Zedong. So we have! J
Our Dragonfly Yoga Wear Team made a trip to the Great China Wall. This was really impressive! We took a couple of pictures for you so you can better imagine how stunning is this part of the world! Let’s have a look at those pictures and also at pictures from Shanghai and Beijing! Have fun! ;-)
Great China Wall
Great China Wall

Bow pose in front of Cartier in Shanghai - Pudong New Area!
Standing head to knee pose on Shangai Nanjing Road
Tree pose in Beijing - Olympic Stadium - Bird”s Nest
Love, Petra

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