Hi Dragonfly friends!

This time we visited Paris again. We love Paris! Who doesn’t? :-) There was held a French Championship and also seminar with Emmy Cleaves on 22nd and 23rd March.

We went by our van – we absolutely love travelling this way! Takes long but you can see different things, countries and you can stop anywhere you want. We crossed Germany borders in the evening and went overnight across Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium. We got some rest on highway at night.

We came to Paris around noon, had some snack, put our stuff in a hotel room and we rushed to Yoga Bikram Rive Gauche studio. We met the studio owner Michelle Leonard, took a class and had a great time in a beautiful and spacious studio. We liked the garden in the middle, reception was large and very comfy, hot room and teacher were very pleasant. We would recommend this studio to visit if you are a yoga fan and travel to Paris – definitely worthy! Nicely tired we took a walk through the night in Paris centre. How beautiful!






Saturday was a big day – French Championship and class with Emmy Cleaves. Bring it on! :-) The event was held in L’Espace Bikram Paris at Hélène’s Fournier studio. What an amazing place, you must see it when you are in Paris! Gorgeous studio, sweet people, perfect class with Emmy and nice atmosphere. Especially we loved the therapy pre-heat room. Even if the class was hard we felt relaxed after. The class was full, we saw familiar faces and friends. There was a break after the class and then the championship began. There were competitors from Bikram studios Paris, Bordeaux and Marseille. Here are the results:



1. Dana Vasilescu (L”Espace Bikram Paris)

2 Jasmine Lim (Bikram Yoga Bordeaux)

3. Florence Delmas (Bikram Yoga Bordeaux)


1. AlainCadet (Yoga Bikram Bordeaux)

2. Michael Machiah (L”Espace Bikram Paris)

3. Vincent Vanvooren (L”Espace Bikram Paris)


1. Azalée Gal-Fournier (L”Espace Bikram Paris)


Congratulations !

We again had some time to spare so we went shopping! ;-)





The last day in Paris was Sunday – there was Emmy’s seminar in L’Espace Bikram Paris but we attended one recently in Copenhagen so instead of that we visited the last studio and the oldest one – Yoga Bikram Marais, Marine”s Ochin studio. We already knew this studio but this time it was renovated, nice, calm even if it is in the heart of Paris. Absolutely amazing! We took Jeanne’s Pesle class who we already knew and enjoyed it very much! :-) You need to visit this one!





The weather was changing but we spent some time in the city anyway. Paris is beautiful in any weather and season! ;-) In the evening we went to L’Espace Bikram Paris to say bye to everybody after Emmy’s seminar and finally we set on a way back home.

Bye, Paris, hopefully see you soon! :-)

Love, Petra

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