We got another nice feedback! This one made us really happy, so we have to share it with you!

Clothes: Michelle shorts - violet & Xenia top - violet


I have the DRAGONFLY stuff!!!
Sorry if it´s too long, but i should write you about this!.... 
COLOR: INCREDIBLE, strong and amazingly unique!! As Rihanna would say: Shine bright like a Diamond!
FABRIC: ....OMG! - It´s NOT like my second skind....IT´S EVEN BETTER!!!!! 
STYLE AND DESIGN: THE WOW FACTOR! - i´m one of those girls who are demanding with each small detail when I choose my clothes and also, I usually when tend to think that it is almost impossible to succeed in Sizes choice. But This time..DRAGONFLY SHORT and TOP was simply better than I expected!!! And I´m sure that is not because i was lucky, was because I think the design has been made thinking as a girl!:) Perfect fit and butt cover!  Good bye muffin tops! 
Pole dance clothes usually looks better in my mind than in reality, but not anymore!!! ...From now on, i love surprises when it comes from DRAGONFLY TAGS!...
THE ONLY BAD THING: can be addictive! That now, I WANT to have every MODEL IN every COLOR!!


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