Hi Dragonfly fans!

After a short break (Christmas and New Year) we come with a new stuff ;-) First of all we are preparing a new collection – coming soon ;-) So our Dragonfly Team hit the Caribbean and made a fabulous photo shooting in Cuba. Here are some pictures for you!



Havana, Malecón Avenue, Cuba



Our first stop was in Havana (capital city of Cuba). The atmosphere in Havana is just amazing! Old buildings, old cars, ocean and always smiling people :-) We took pictures in the city mainly on the Malecón Avenue by the sea. For this occasion we chose Carmen top in grey color and new Lisa leggings in ruby color. This combination looks fantastic!



Pinar del Río, Cayo Jutías, Cuba



After visiting Havana we continued to province Pinar del Río. We drove up on small motorbikes through the Valle de Viñales to Cayo Jutías - a tiny mangrove-covered key with the most beautiful beaches and no people! We took some pictures in new Hot pants of pink and blue color, Carmen top in pink and Lucy in blue while drinking pure coconut water directly from the palm tree :-) 



Bahía de Cochinos, Playa Girón, Cuba



Next trip was to Bahía de Cochinos, Playa Girón - another perfect beach lined with palm trees which attracted to taking pictures. This time we were wearing Lisa leggings in azure with Carmen top in light green and Lisa leggings in violet color with yellow Carmen top, Bella shorts in violet/pink and Xenia in violet/pink. The sand was really white, the sky and the sea were blue and the sun was shining! What a beautiful day full of bright colors! :-)



Trinidad, Topes de Collantes, Caburni Falls, Cuba



The other day we reached southern historical town called Trinidad. Close to this town there is a nature reserve park in the Escambray Mountains range called Topes de Collantes with its beautiful Caburni falls. This rainforest was unique for taking pictures of our new Michelle shorts in turquoise/light green color and anew Nella top in same colors. Our Dragonfly clothes are inspired by nature, check-it out!



Varadero, Varadero Beach, Cuba



The last stop was in Varadero Beach - the most famous 24 kilometres long beach in Cuba. We love old american oldtimers so much and the combination with the crystal clear and azure water is just amazing! Azure water - azure car - azure Lisa leggings and grey Carmen top. New Carmen and Hot pants in nude color andnew Michelle shorts with Xenia top in creamy white color - these are stunning when you get tanned ;-)New Nella top in violet/pink and ruby/black is a newcomer made to fit together with Bella shorts. It also goes well with new shorts which will be on stock soon!

- Love, Petra - 




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