Pole Stars 2014 was held on 18th October in Municipal Library in Prague. It was whole day event with semifinals in the morning and afternoon and finals in the evening. It was very hard to decide for the judges because all the competitors were of high level with unbelievable skills!

From 16 competitors of each group in semifinals, eight got through to the finals. Here are the results of each category:



1.       Anna Nikulina

2.       Štěpánka Šaškovičová

3.       Růženka Kunstýřová


1.       Regina Gayfullina

2.       Arina Pushchina

3.       Zuzana Fialová


1.       Pavlína Neveselá a Lucia Štulrajterová

2.       Kristina Kovačić a Jelena Adanić

3.       Simone Fluhr a Irina Mauch

Absolute winner was Anna Nikulina who also won prize money of 1000€ from Dragonfly!

Big congrats to all competitors and also organizers of this event – Jarmila Ptáčníková and Jana Páclová. It was a pleasure to be part of it!

See you this week in Switzerland at Swiss Pole Cup!

Love, Petra

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