Hi Dragonfly fans! :-)
On 27th March there was held Czech Yoga Sports Championships in Prague at Arkády Pankrác shopping mall. The event was all day long starting in the morning with Yoga Expo. People passing-by could see or even try diffenrent kinds of yoga, ending up with Bikram Yoga class.



Bikram Yoga class



Czech Yoga Sports Championships started at 5 pm. There were 6 men and 18 women. Competitors were well prepared! It was nice to see how people can concentrate and balance flexibility with strenght even if they are in the middle of the shopping mall!

Dragonfly Team numbered 3 participants: Veronika Fišerová who won bronze medal, Tereza Ranftlová who was on 9th place and Frank Šimek who was 6th from the men.
1st place women cathegory won Anna Čadková and men Ondřej Hartman.
Congratulations and see you in London at World Yoga Sports Chamionships on 30th May - 1st June! Our Dragonfly Team will be there with a booth in the audience and Veronika on the stage!:-)



All competitors



Tereza from Dragonfly Team, 9th place



Veronika from Dragonfly Team, 3rd place




Dragonfly Team ladies



Dragonfly Team 




Don”t forget to book the dates 30/5 - 1/6 2014! See you in London, Logan Hall, World Yoga Sports Chapionships 2014!!
Love, Petra

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