Rajashree Choudhury in Copenhagen

Hi Dragonfly Yoga Wear fans!
We are sponsoring another nice event where you can meet our Dragonfly Yoga Wear Team. This time it will be in Denmark!
Rajashree Choudhury in Copenhagen
May 25th 2013!
See you there! And of course our Dragonfly booth with many beautiful Dragonfly outfits will be there only for you ;-) 
You can also book tickets for the event on-line on the web page of studio Bikram Yoga Copenhagen: http://www.bikramcph.dk/#!rajashree-choudhury-seminar/c1r0s
We would love to visit the Copenhagen studio, so we hope that we have time to take a class and make a short review for you ;-)



See you all in Copenhagen

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