Already the third Czech Pole Sport Championship was held in Prague on 13th – 14th June 2014. The venue was same as in previous years in Palace Theatre in the city centre. But this year tickets were sold out for the first time! As a sponsor from the very beginning of this championship we could see such a big improvement in both - organization and performance.

Here are some news of this year: this was first time when the men division, doubles and youth category were opened. Other already well known divisions were Amateurs, Professionals and Elite Women. This year championship was again divided into the two-day event. And because home of Dragonfly is in Czech Republic not far from Prague – our team was there! :-) We are very proud to say that the level of the competitors in Czech Republic increases very sharply and we hope in London at World Pole Sports Championship 2014 we will get some medals! :-)





Here are the results and congrats to all!



Elizaveta Shevtsova

Aneta Janoudová

Natálie Pernická


Daria Sheveleva

Marija Pečnikova

Adéla Průchová

Women Amateurs:

Olga Kozlova

Veronika Péková

Maria Guskova

Women Professionals:

Alexandra Kalousová

Pavlína Neveselá

Jitka Sitová



Huy Hai Nguyen

Roman Gemrot

Women Elite:

Růženka Halamková

Denisa Kudláčková

Anna Nikulina


Nikol Heyrovská, Petra Kijonková

Lenka Havelková, Jitka Sitová

Klára Kaňová, Nikola Palková

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