European Pole Sports Chmpionship 2013



Hi guys!
Last weekend Dragonfly Team was in Prague as a European Pole Sport Championship 2013 sponsor. Finally home of Dragonfly – capital city of Czech Republic, Prague! So this time the trip wasn’t so long ;-)The Championship took place in Sport Area TJ Spoje, Prague 3. When we finally got there the new hall was almost ready for the competitors. We set up our stand with Dragonfly clothes and were happy to see all the people around.

The competition itself started at 11am with a nice Opening Ceremony and Block 1 (Baby, Children, Juniors). It is unbelievable what kids can do on the pole! J All adult competitors must have been jealous! J In the afternoon other categories (Men, Doubles Mixed, Doubles Women, Groups Women) showed us their best. The afternoon was quite long but the spectators were enjoying the atmosphere of the event watching the best pole dancers of Europe! Finally around 5.30pm Solo women category (our most favorite part) started and made the evening up till 10pm.

We saw a lot of famous and familiar faces and we must say everybody is getting better and better! The whole day event was a wonderful spectacle and we were very happy we could be part of it again!

We come up with the results and few pictures for you.


1st place Valeria Kosheleva (Russia) 101

Babies Doubles

1st place Evgenia Pavlusenko&Stefania Zhdanova (Russia) 124


1st place Aleksandra Karpova (Ukraine) 164

2d place Carolina Arlandez Zoyo (Spain) 111

2d place Ljuba Medini (Italy) 111

3d place Josephine Klemm 110


1st place Bernadett Floch (Hungary) 133

2d place Chiara Mantovani (Italy) 123

3d place Thea Romano (Italy) 93

Juniors Doubles

1st place Bernadett Floch&Eszter Szlávy (Hungary) 153

Men Solo

Dmitry Fedotov (Ukraine) 172

Guilherme Wandresen (Spain) 170

Alessio Bucci (Italy) 162

Mixed Doubles

1st place Irina Tcarskaya & Maxim Semenov (Russia) 161

2d place Kira Lassakova&Andrej Neczli (Slovakia) 111

Women Doubles

1st place Ekaterina Gromova & Lyudmila Fursova (Russia) 173

2d place Erika Lombardelli & Manuela Badessi (Italy) 155

3d place Tatyana Mitina & Viktoria Nikolaenko (Russia) 148

Women Groups 3-4

1st place Irina Tcarskaya & Julia Davydova & Regina Shulzhevskaya (Russia) 174

2d place Julia Bobrova & Ekaterina Grechko & Natalia Snigireva & Olesia Syrnikova 143 (Russia)

3d place Anna Del Santo & Jessica Scebba & Sara Quaglieri (Italy) 136

Women Solo

1st place Tatyana Chayukova (Russia) 180

2d place Martina Butcher (Switzerland) 179

2d place Marina Tarakanova (Russia) 179

3d place Doris Arnold (France) 171









With love Petra


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