Other event which we were part of was German Pole Sport Championship 2014 in Bochum. This championship was held in Variété et cetera on 9th June – it was Monday but national holiday so after the weekend the competitors were relaxed and showed incredible performance!





Vivien Feld who organized this championship is owner of 3 pole dance studios and knows what she does :-) So the whole day was exciting, everything was well organized and well situated - this day was very hot but there was an opportunity to relax outside and have some snack or drink. Well done!

Here are the categories and first 3 places of each – these competitors we will see again in London at World Pole Sports Championships 2014!  Congratulations!





Amateur Seniors Woman:     

1. Alina Metzner     

2. Claudia Roling     

3. Nadine Volmer


Amateur Youth: 

1. Tatjana Pizanis-Ellis     

2. Lea-Chiara Vogel    

3. Pauline Windschlügel

Professionals Seniors Woman:     

1. Sandra Jung     

2. Karolina Nogai     

3. Ekaterina Matkina


Elite Doubles:     

1. Simone Fluhr / Irina Mauch     

2. Sarah Christina Peys / Xuerao Zhang     

3. Diana Hoffmann / Nikola Apel

Elite Seniors Men:     

1. Ilya Ananyev     

2. Patrick Pausch

Elite Seniors Women:     

1. Julia Wahl     

2. Rania El-Azzami     

3. Anna Weirich

Elite Masters:     

1. Yvonne Haug

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