Living in Central Europe and looking out of the window means that you want to be cozy, roll back to bed and open up a book, because it”s freezing outside and it”s an easy excuse you can use almost every day to skip your workout. Honestly, who would want to go out if the temperatures were below 0°C ? But summer is behind the doors and knocking! You”ll want to have your bikini body ready as soon as possible, because there is not much time left to do so. Actually right now is the perfect time to set up your routine and dive into it. New Year”s resolutions and new "giveups" are behind all of us so let”s set up the realistic goals and get rid of the excuses. Unfortunately it”s not as easy as it sounds as we all know already. How to succeed?


1) Find inspiration for yourself, images of the body you want to achieve. Isn”t internet filled with beach goddesses nowadays? It”s even enough to scroll through Instagram accounts and you”ll be overwhelmed!


2) Set up your routine. Start slowly, if you make it too hard for yourself at the beginning, there is no chance you”ll be able to get through week one. So think about your time possibilities and physical limits. With some workouts done you can always add some more, the physique develops extremely fast.


3) Ditch excuses, write down a list of your favourites ones and any time you want to use one of them think twice, because it”s your lazy mind, not your body that wants to skip the workout.


4) Follow the schedule you created, be precise, workout time is obligatory from now on, so other activities should be planned regarding the fact, that on Thursday evenings you are running. You can see your friends after the run or on Friday. It”s time you are investing in yourself, it will pay off once you see yourself in the mirror three months from now, be patient!


5) Major factor that makes all the effort pay back is healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition and limited amounts of alcohol. Ordering a virgin Mojito on Friday night will be well appreciated on Saturday morning, trust me. Endorphins are better than a hangover!


6) Don”t set the beginning of your "summer ready plan" to Monday or first day of a month, because that way you”ll be just pushing it forward again and again. Start today, little jog hasn”t killed anybody and it”ll give you an extra motivation boost, once the first and worst workout is done!


7) Don”t forget that it takes only 21 days to create a habit, once it becomes a habit, you”ll look forward to exercising and you”ll stop thinking about it and just do it. So get through those first few and you”re already on the right path.


I”ve already started, at the end of December, telling myself that New Year”s resolution don”t work so I had to break the rule and now I am fully in it, it worked out perfectly for me.  So I have started, join me!


Love, Natalie

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