Pole Fitness Hungarian Open, an international championship has been accredited by IPSF since 2012 and is now a fully accredited and endorsed championship, which allows its top 3 athletes to qualify for the World Pole Sport Championship.





This year Pole Fitness Hungarian Open was held in Budapest in Budapest Arena from 10th to 11th May. Pole sport championship was a part of a whole day event – fitness expo. Hundreds of people showed up to watch, to try, to eat, to spend the day sporting.





Dragonfly team was there to support the event and enjoyed it very much! :-) Event organizers Liza Szabo and Orsi Pall prepared the event very well and invited Alessandra Marchetti, world champion, who was among the IPSF certified judges.

Here are the results, congrats to all competitors!



1.) Patricia Nadasdi

2.) Niki Jancsovics

3.) Adel Gresiczki



1.) Jazmin Petervari

2.) Fanni Cseh



1.) Judit Gabris-Baczako / Eszter Vagra

2.) Nóra Berthold / Zsuzsanna Toronyi

3.) Iris Heindl / Sandra Einfalt



1.) Jakub Kolasa



1.) Anna Chigarina

2.) Tetyana Lytvynova

3.) Maria Lovas



This was our first trip to Budapest. The capital city of Hungary is just beautiful! It is definitely worthy to visit, Dragonfly team highly recommends ;-)



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