Hi Dragonfly fans! This time yoga fans ;-)

This year was the first time ever Yoga Sports finals took place outside the US - in Europe. London is one of the best places to host such an event – many yoga studios, hotels, bars, restaurants and beautiful sightseeing. So when the competition is over, all the competitors and judges can enjoy buzz about the city. But back to business! :-)

World championship was held in Logan Hall in Central London on 31st May – 1st June 2014. 107 athletes from all over the world showed up! Skill level was just amazing and is getting better every year. Dragonfly team was more than proud to have one of our teachers from Bikram Yoga Ceske Budejovice studio on the podium! Other Bikram Yoga “celebrities” were among the judges or organizers headed by Rajashree Choudhury.






On Saturday semifinals started in the morning. Men and women showed their best and it was just wonderful spectacle. This year was not only first time in Europe but also first time where could take part also the champions from previous years. Familiar faces and world champions such as Joseph Encinia, Jared McCann or Gloria Suen stepped up on the podium again and left the audience with the mouth open. This exciting day finished up with top ten men and women in the evening. Somebody went to bed or relaxed other way and our team went to the city for a dinner and sightseeing – to celebrate our Veronika who got to the finals :-)





Sunday morning we dropped off Veronika at Bikram Yoga Highbury&Islington to get ready and warm up for the finals. Meanwhile we got back to the Logan Hall and watched Youth division – these girls and boys were pretty amazing! How flexible and strong at a time! Logan Hall began to fill up with the audience passionate about yoga. Especially the men division was a bit surprise but that is yoga – you have to calm down and demonstrate the best you got and sometimes you just can’t or something happens which disturbs you. Women division was thrilling especially for us, two Czech girls were in top ten and the whole Dragonfly team was sitting there silently and eagerly fingers crossed. In conclusion we got 7th place and Bikram Yoga Prague studio 3rd place. How happy we were!!






Here are the results, congratulations to all the participants!





1             Delbaere-Sawchuk Danton        Canada 48.620

2             D’Quebec Alan Kane     USA       47.400

3             Basso Riccardo  Italy       45.370

4             Smets Ansel      Belgium               38.420





1             Sougata Jana     India      46.710

2             Ripley Holly        New Zealand     46.440

3             Martini Agnese                Italy       44.540

4             Fok Reiko Alice Japan    42.910

5             Patterson Aisha               Australia              41.800

6             Bansal Gargi       New Zealand     41.190

7             Wachauf Marlena           Austria 39.120

8             Smets Sophia    Belgium               38.460

9             Fort Ber Cristina               Spain     37.000

10           Massaccesi Mariana       Italy       36.860

11           Guzman Perez  Mexico 36.100




Rank      Name   Country               Score

1             Zeb Homison     USA       57.38

2             Jared McCann   USA       56.6

3             Erik Persson       Sweden               55.31

4             Jorge Eduard Rodriguez Moreno             Mexico 53

5             Joseph Encinia  USA       52.97

6             Mark Valenton Australia              51.66

7             Michael Tuang  Australia              50.56

8             Kanisorn Namchaiswadwong    Thailand              49.92

9             Alessandro Moura Venegas       United Kingdom              48.98

10           Juan Manuel Martin-Busutil       Spain     42.18




Rank      Name   Country               Score

1             Gloria Suen        USA       63.42

2             Gianna Purcell  USA       62.39

3             Anna Cadkova  Czech Republic 59.49

4             Lauren Martone              USA       57.34

5             Almania Colombo           Italy       56.06

6             Paulina Lawson                Mexico 55.84

7             Veronika Fiserova           Czech Republic 54.44

8             Fiona McNamara             Ireland 49.38

9             Karla Gonzalez  Mexico 47.67

10           Dippanita Mondl             India      42






We celebrated afterwards at the Vietnamese restaurant and with one day off – Monday shopping in London ;-) The way back is always more tiring, whole trip took almost 3000 kilometers! But we love travelling ;-) See you in London in 2 months at WORLD POLE SPORTS CHAMPIONSHIP 2014!


Love, Petra


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