Hi Dragonfly - poledance fans! :-) This time Dragonfly Yogawear Team went to London as a sponsor of World Pole Sports Championships 2013. Part of our team was also Lucie Loo Simkova who won the 1st place in Czech Pole Sports Championship. We went by our Dragonfly Van which took a loooong time but whole crew enjoyed the trip so much! :-) We come up with some pics and info for you.
We started the jurney on Thursday 18th July and went overnight across Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and France. We took a ferry from Calais to Dover in the morning on Friday and finally got to London around noon.
WPSC 2013 took place in York Hall in Bethnal Green, London. On Friday there were big preparations for the whole weekend.
Saturday and Sunday (20th and 21st July) were very busy days. Semifinals were held on Saturday - it was very hard for judges to decide who is doing finals because everybody made their best and the whole day was a perfect show and performance. Finally 8 finalists participated the finals in cathegories: Youth Category, Doubles and Men, 10 finalists in Masters and 12 finalist in Women cathegory.
Here are the results and winners after Sunday contest:
Women”s category
1st - Alessandra Marchetti
2nd - Kate Czepulkowski
3rd - Polina Volchek


Men”s category

1st - Alex Shchukin
2nd - Davide Zongoli
3rd - Derick Pierson
Junior Category

1st - Bernadette Floch
2nd - Mandy Maerevoet


Novice category

1st - Olga Trifinova
2nd - Sofiia Kiperman
3rd - Evelina Bragina & Aimee Hilton


Doubles category

1st - Terri Walsh & Lisette Krol
2nd - Sherry bremner & Simone Hodgkiss
3rd - Masayo Okamoto & Kazuya Naka


Masters 40+ category

1st - Liza Szabo
2nd - Yvette Austin
3rd - Karen Chaundy


Masters 50+ category

1st - Greta Pontarelli
2nd - Irina Zelenkova
3rd - Natasha Payne
See nice promo video below for more information:


On Monday and Tuesday Dragonfly Yogawear Team had fun with sightseeing, shopping (the girl part :-), taking pictures and also we visited Bikram Yoga London Bridge studio! We have to say we love London all over! ;-)

See you next time in Copenhagen at Rajashree and Emmy”s seminar - this time with our Bikram Yoga fans!

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