Dragonfly wholesale



Are you interested in selling premium quality Dragonfly clothes in your Bikram Yoga studio, Pole Dance studio or fitness?

Become a Dragonfly Yoga Wear reseller and buy at wholesale prices!

For more information contact us by email: info@dragonflybrand.com

To purchase Dragonfly clothes at wholesale prices you have to order at least 30 pieces (can be different styles) in a single order.
No other conditions apply.

Why to order from us?

We produce and ship from EU - quick delivery - cheap shipping - no customs apply within EU!

We are VAT payers! 


Dragonfly wholesale


For free shipping you just need to use this code: DFLYWHAUTUMN

Bikram Yoga certified instructors get 10% discount on all items in our e-shop.

Before you start shopping please contact us by e-mail: info@dragonflybrand.com to activate the discount!