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Dragonfly means enthusiasm for quality and sportswear

We are not a huge corporation but a small friendly company that lives and breathes for the production of high quality sportswear..

The road to the first stitch led across the whole world

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We live for high quality sportswear and maximum sports experience.

We combine the beauty of sport with perfect clothes

Dragonfly is a synonym for high quality sportswear for pole dance, bikram yoga and fitness Dragonfly is elegant, beautiful, a combination of lightness, fragility, yet it is durable and has a precisely sophisticated body. Who else should have become the inspiration for our clothes and brand?

However, let's start from the beginning

Our names are Petra and Petr. We are regular people, who couldn't imagine being closed in an office for 5 days a week after studying the University of Economics. We wanted freedom. This was our main motivation for starting to do business. After coming home from Australia, we opened up our own Bikram Yoga Studio in České Budějovice. We love sports, but while working out, we were missing clothes that would give us the freedom to move, yet look nice, be functional and most importantly, be durable. We couldn't find any such clothes on the market, so we started making them on our own. We drove to Italy to get fabric, we looked for our first workshop and made our first clothes. We were delighted to soon get positive feedback from our clients. Our clients' friends and their friends also like our clothes. So, we started making our sportswear in bulk.

A lot of time has passed since this time and the Dragonfly brand has developed a good reputation in the Czech Republic and abroad. Today, we ship our sportswear to more than 80 countries worldwide and we are among the market leaders in the area of sportswear for pole dance and bikram yoga. We are happy to have so many fans around us, who live with a love for sport and perfect clothing.

Fine-tuning the details

Every piece of clothing that you wear to pole dance, bikram hot yoga and fitness is made in one of our own and two external workshops in the European Union. We hand-cut, sew and package every piece of clothing, we supervise over its complete production and only use such material that we swear by. We also love sports, so we know what you expect from sportswear. When developing our clothes, we test the clothes on ourselves, we cooperate with professional athletes and fine-tune the details, cuts and designs until they are perfect.

We swear by the material

Dragonfly sportswear is made of high quality Italian material (80% micro-polyamide, 20% Lycra), which meets the OEKO-TEX® 100 STANDARD. The top layer is smooth, the inner layer has a combed finish with very fine micro-bristles for top comfort that is gentle on the skin. The material is thin yet not see-through. It is very strong, elastic and fits perfectly. It does not restrict movement while working out, it's not loose anywhere and it adapts perfectly to your body even under the most intense training conditions. If it is sweaty, it does not make you cold and dries quickly. The clothes don't have any seams or elastic bands in the waist or legs, so it does not cut anywhere, yet fits exactly, where it should. The material maintains its flexibility, shape and colour for many years even if it is washed and used frequently.

Simply said, Dragonfly sportswear is perfectly developed and so comfortable that it is as if you were wearing an extra layer of skin.

How is it with us?


“I love Dragonfly because they have so many different designs and colors and it fits like glove. The leggings by Dragonfly are definitely my favorite ones! Dragonfly means good quality and looks beautiful.”

Lea Roth



Why Dragonfly?

  • Quality materials

    High quality material

    We make Dragonfly clothes in one of our own and two external manufactures in the European Union. We have years of excellent experience with it. Therefore, we are able to check the entire production and keep the high standard of our clothes.

  • Return

    60 days return policy

    Do the clothes not fit you? No problem. You have 60 days to return them. We will exchange the goods for other goods or give you your money back.

  • Ok

    Sponsoring sporting events

    We sponsor sports events and competitions worldwide. By purchasing Dragonfly clothes, you are contributing to your favorite sport.

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