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Enjoy free movement in top quality men's sports clothing for pole dance, Bikram hot yoga and fitness. You can choose from a wide range of clingy, elastic, fast-drying and obviously comfortable shorts that we offer in a wide range of colours. We also offer sports equipment, like yoga mats and fitness accessories.



Enjoy freedom of movement with quality shorts for pole dance, Bikram hot yoga and fitness. Dragonfly shorts do not cut in, they dry fast and stay in place. 100% adapted to the needs of athletes.

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Have a look



“I really love wearing Dragonfly because the colors always give me a positive mood and the wonderful soft fabric is so comfy. I wear it during my classes because after hours it fits perfect without scratching or chafing my skin and I like to match it with all my other pole wear.“

Carolin Schmitt



Why Dragonfly?

  • Quality materials

    High quality material

    We make Dragonfly clothes in one of our own and two external manufactures in the European Union. We have years of excellent experience with it. Therefore, we are able to check the entire production and keep the high standard of our clothes.

  • Return

    60 days return policy

    Do the clothes not fit you? No problem. You have 60 days to return them. We will exchange the goods for other goods or give you your money back.

  • Ok

    Sponsoring sporting events

    We sponsor sports events and competitions worldwide. By purchasing Dragonfly clothes, you are contributing to your favorite sport.

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