Terri - Aquarelle violet

Keyhole halterneck top. Very comfy and simple but perfectly developed and shaped cut with sexy neckline. The chest bend is wider, which ensures this sports bra will stay where it is supposed to stay in any movement. Terri keyhole top provides you with maximum grip in your shoulder area, which is appreciated especially by pole dancers. This sexy sports bra is inspired and named after Terri Fierce (Doubles World Pole Sports Champion) who was the very first person testing it for us. Same as all Dragonfly sports bras is also Terri keyhole top double fronted. Decent Dragonfly logo embroidery on the front is the symbol of premium quality pole dancing clothes. However this sports bra is developed not only for pole dancers, but also perfect for Fitness workout, Ballet, Dancing or Bikram hot yoga.


This top is designed for women with a small under-bust and from a small to a large bust. If you cannot decide which size of this top and you want to feel comfortable, go for a size up




Material: polyamide, polyester, elastane

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