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Enjoy pole dance, bikram yoga and fitness to the fullest with Dragonfly sportswear. Fits like an extra layer of skin. A perfect combination of functionality and stylish design.

Sports bras

Quality and comfortable sports bra with Lycra. Perfect for Pole Dancing, Bikram Hot Yoga and Gym Workout. The largest selection of cuts and color combinations.

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Discover your perfect pole dance shorts. Women's gym shorts made of luxury fabrics. Perfect for pole dancing and sexy for yoga. Excellence in performance, style, action. Workout with no limits.

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Quality made in Europe! Try leggings from Dragonfly and you will never want any others. Great choice of colors, designs, sizes, patterns.

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"I love Dragonfly because it's comfortable, simple and sporty and looks great in photos! I use Dragonfly for all of my Bendy Kate books because of this!"

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Why Dragonfly?

  • Quality materials

    High quality material

    We make Dragonfly clothes in one of our own and two external manufactures in the European Union. We have years of excellent experience with it. Therefore, we are able to check the entire production and keep the high standard of our clothes.

  • Return

    60 days return policy

    Do the clothes not fit you? No problem. You have 60 days to return them. We will exchange the goods for other goods or give you your money back.

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    Sponsoring sporting events

    We sponsor sports events and competitions worldwide. By purchasing Dragonfly clothes, you are contributing to your favorite sport.

The road to the first stitch led across the whole world

Discover the story behind your Dragonfly sportswear

Why is there a dragonfly in our logo? The dragonfly is a perfect creature. It is a combination of beauty, lightness, yet maximum durability. Therefore, it has become our inspiration. We also wanted our sportswear to have the typical features of a dragonfly. However, let's start from the beginning.

When we returned home to České Budějovice after studying at university and travelling the world, we opened our own bikram hot yoga studio and found out that there is nothing to do the yoga in. We were missing clothes, which would not only be fashionable but also functional and most importantly, durable. However, there was no such thing on the market. So, we drove to Italy to get fabric, found our first workshop and got to work.

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